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Fully Balanced Skip Strander , 2000 Kg Double Twister Machine Easy Operating

Basic Information
Place of Origin: Hejian,China
Brand Name: Beyde
Model Number: 1600
Minimum Order Quantity: 1 Set
Price: Negotiate
Packaging Details: Container loading with safety packing
Delivery Time: 70-150 Days after receive deposit
Payment Terms: L/C, T/T
Supply Ability: 120 Set/Year
Taping Motor: 4.0KW(AC) Max Laying Outer Diameter: Φ60 Mm
Pay-off Size: PN1250 Sing Core Outer Diameter: 7-20 Mm
High Light:

skip strander


wire cable stranding machine

Fully Balanced Skip Strander,China Double Twist Cabling Machine Supplier

Main technical parameter

Sing core outer diameter 7-20mm

Max laying outer diameter Φ60mm

Rotation speed 200r/min

Max traction linear speed 160m/min

CAT 2000kg

Pay-off size PN1250

Take up size PN1600-PN2500

Driving motor 45kW(AC)

Taping motor 4.0KW(AC)

Take up motor 60N•M


PN1250 Central pay-off 1set

1250/3B cage 1set

Die holder 1set

Non-metallic taping head 1set

Mechanical meter counter 1set

CAT 1set

Φ2500 Column type take up with traverse 1set

Mechanical transmission system 1set

Electric control system 1set

4 Structure and specifications

4.1,1250/3B cage

4.1.1 Rotation speed 200r/min

4.1.2 Threading hole diameter 30mm

4.1.3 Both side of cradle adopts bearing support, column type clamping bobbin, with mechanical locking device.

4.1.4 Pay-off tension adopts mechanical friction control, and adjustable


4.1.5 The stranding bow adopts special steel or high strength resin material.


4.1.6 Push and pull type protective cover is adopted, and the protective cover is interlocked with the electric appliance of the unit, after close the protective cover then switch on

4.1.7 The cage is driven by earth axis, timing belt and synchronous belt pulley.

4.1.8 The cage adopts multi-section, pneumatic dis type braking system.

4.1.9 In front of the cage equipped with filling stand.

4.2 Assembly die holder

4.2.1 The holder is equipped with inching button.

4.2.2 Separately placed dual assembly die holder, the distance is adjustable.

4.3 Non-metallic taping device

4.3.1 Max rpm of taping head 416r/min

4.3.2 Suitable taping belt size Ø400×Ø52×(20-60)mm

4.3.3 Taping form three bobbin,tangent type

4.3.4 Driving by 4.0kw AC motor separately, inverter control, synchronous system controls its operation with the unit in a certain proportion so as to obtain different pitches.

4.3.5 Equipped with pneumatic braking system

4.4 Mechanical meter counter

4.4.1 Diameter of counter wheel 500mm

4.4.2 Max display length 9999m

4.4.3 Single wheel, vertical mechanical meter counter, inlet and outlet equipped with guide roller.

4.5 CAT (Please confirm, if you mainly making ABC cable, then capstan is better)

4.5.1 Max traction force 2000kg

4.5.2 Max linear speed 160m/min.

4.5.3 Traction speed shifts 36

4.5.4 Adopts pneumatic CAT, pneumatic compress the cable, pneumatic tightening the belts.

4.6 Φ2500 column type take up with traverse

4.6.1 Loading type Column type, electric clamping

4.6.2 Suitable bobbin size PN1250-PN2500

4.6.4 Max loading weight 15t

4.6.5 Electric lifting and clamping, the two column can lifting synchronous or separately, lifting and clamping equipped with safety protection device.

4.7 PN1250 Central pay-off device

4.7.1 Suitable bobbin size PN1250

4.7.2 Column type pay-off, electric lifting and clamping, and adjustable mechanical friction tension control device.

4.7.3 Separately placed, not linked with the cage.

4.8 Electric control system

4.8.1 Power: three-phrase-five-wires system, 380(±10%),50Hz.

4.8.2 Main motor adopts inverter control, winding adopts torque motor driving.

4.8.3 The low voltage electric parts mainly adopt “Chint” brand.

4.8.4 The main motor adopts Siemens beta, Siemens inverter control. And the PLC and touch screen adopts Siemens.

5. Operation direction: right hand machine, means facing the machine, the left is pay-off, and the right is take-up.

Fully Balanced Skip Strander , 2000 Kg Double Twister Machine Easy Operating 0


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