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Steel Wire Armouring Machine 48+48 Nos Bobbins DIN400 0.8-4.0 mm

Basic Information
Place of Origin: CHINA
Brand Name: BEYDE
Model Number: 96B
Minimum Order Quantity: 1 set
Packaging Details: CONTAINER
Delivery Time: 90-150 DAYS
Payment Terms: L/C, T/T
Supply Ability: 200 SET/YEAR
Usage: Stranding,twisting Name: Armoured Stranding Machine,automatic Cable Twisting Machine
Warranty: 1 Year Color: Customized
Display: LCD Screen Reel Size: DIN400
Take-up: Portal Type
High Light:

cable bunching machine


cable armouring machine

Steel Wire Armouring Machine 48+48 Nos Bobbins DIN400 0.8-4.0 mm


1. Equipment use
This machine is mainly used for cable single or double steel wire armoring
2. The main technical parameters
2.1 The maximum outer diameter of the core before mounting: φ60 mm
2.2 Steel wire diameter:                                                            φ0.8-4.0 mm
2.3 cage speed range:                                                              23.83-53.01r/min
2.4 Line speed range:                                                              3.981-30.073m/min
2.5 Wire armored pitch range:                                                 75.1-1262mm
2.6 Taping speed:                                                                    Stepless adjustable
2.7 Cage inner pay-off specifications:                                       DIN400
2.8 Central pay off specifications:                                           PN2500-PN1600
2.9 Cage outer pay-off specifications:                                    PN2500-PN1600
2.10 Traction device dia:                                                        2000mm
2.11 main motor power:                                                          55kW
3. Component composition
3.1 φ2500 gantry pay-off device                                  1 set
3.2 48/400 Main cage                                                  1 set
3.3 die holder (front cage)                                       1set
3.4 taping device                                                          1set
3.6 meter counter                                                          1set
3.7 Double wheel tractor                                              1set
3.8 φ2500 gantry take-up frame                                  1set
3.9 Mechanical transmission system                           1set
3.10 electric control system                                         1set
3.11 Security fence                                                      1set
4. Structure description and technical parameters of the main components
4.1φ2500 gantry pay-off frame
4.1.1 pay-off bobbin specifications PN1600-PN2500
4.1.2 Maximum load weight 15ton
4.1.3 pay off use thimble end axis, can up and down separately at same time.ensure height adjustment,to clamp and relax the pay off frame.
4.1.4 The clamping, relaxing and lifting operations of the reels are performed by the touch screen and physical buttons in both directions
4.1.5 Lifting and clamping limit protection device.
4.1.6 Clamp type mechanical frictional tensioner, symmetrical friction plate adjusts release tension
4.1.7 The pay-off frame moves as a whole to ensure that the cable is always in the center of the production line
4.1.8 The whole machine is managed by Siemens PLC
4.2 48/400 main cage
4.2.1 The main cage gearbox is six-speed gearbox.use Hard tooth gear. left and right turn and space function.
4.2.2 The twisting cage is composed of a gearbox, a seamless hollow shaft, a winch, a wire rack, and an air brake device. Each section of the host is supported by a multi-section tugboat with a seamless hollow shaft, which has good rigidity and stable operation. After the winch, a new type of gear back-twist mechanism is installed. Through this mechanism, back-twist is achieved, which has the characteristics of small gear clearance and low failure rate..
The use of tension band to adjust the tension in the cage wire rack can make the tension of the core wire released on each cradle be stable and balanced; the top of the wire coil adopts the thread structure; the screw sleeve is equipped with a rolling bearing; the rolling bearing supports the top; the threaded sleeve stretches freely and is installed; With locking mechanism, the upper and lower thread plates are convenient and quick.
4.2.3 Each winch is connected with the main shaft through the flange plate. The main shaft is made of large-diameter seamless thick-walled steel pipe. The overall rigidity is good, the coaxiality of the winch is high, and the balance operation of the winch is high;
4.2.4 All wire nozzles are made of tungsten steel.
4.2.5 The main cage brake adopts plane air brake
4.2.6cage speed range 23.83~53.01r/min
4.2.7armouring pitch 75.1~1262mm
4.2.8cage inner pay off size DIN400
4.3 common taping head:
4.3.1 Applicable taping reel diameter × aperture × width ϕ400✕ϕ52✕(20-60)mm
4.3.2taping speed range Stepless adjustable
4.3.3taping pitch Stepless adjustable
4.3.4 Suitable for winding non-woven materials, wrapping tapes and other materials
4.5 Mechanical meter counter
4.5.1 meter counter wheel circumference 500mm
4.5.2 max length meter counter 9999m
4.5.3 Vertical, mechanical meter counter.
4.6 2000wheel traction
4.6.1 traction speed rang 3.981~30.073m//min.
4.6.2 Traction speed series 36 level
4.6.3 traction Dia 2000mm
4.6.4 It adopts 36-level traction gearbox and the internal hard-tooth surface grinding gear has huge output power and stable traction.
4.6.5 The traction wheel is made of steel and it is strong and wear-resistant. The driving gear is made of steel and it has a large bearing capacity and is not easy to wear.
4.6.6 The integrated welding base is used to facilitate installation and increase the stability.
4.6.7 is a two-wheel double-drive traction.

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