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Pourtier / Setic - Drum Twister Lines PN1250 X 3 Fork Type Pay - Off With Pneumatic Lifting Device

Basic Information
Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: Beyde
Model Number: 1250x3
Minimum Order Quantity: 1 Set
Packaging Details: Container
Delivery Time: 120 Days
Payment Terms: L/C, T/T
Supply Ability: 200 Set/year
Certification: CE,ISO9001 &14001 Usage: Stranding
Name: Single Core Fiber Optical Cable Machine And Production Line,Copper Wire Multi Heads Wire Drawing Machine/Cable Making Device,flexible Flat Cable Stripping Machine,cable Making Machine Voltage: 3phase 380V 50HZ
Warranty: One Year Color: Customized
Type: Automatic Soldering Machine Function: Electric Wire Cable Manufacture
High Light:

wire twisting machine


cable twisting machine

Pourtier & Setic - Drum Twister Lines PN1250 x 3 Fork Type Pay-off With Pneumatic Lifting Device



JPD-2500 CAT traction
drum twisted cable lay-up machine
1. Use
This machine is mainly used for large-section, large-length power cables, strand and lay-up of milliken conductors.
2. The main technical parameters
2.1 lay up dia. Φ25-Φ120mm
2.2 lay up pitch 300-5000mm
2.3 drum strand cage speed 40r/min
2.4max traction line speed 55m/min
2.5 max traction force 5T
2.6 Non-metallic taping device
2.6.1 Number of take bobbin 2
2.6.2 take bobbin dia. Φ600mm
2.6.3 taping belt width 20mm-80mm
2.7 steel belt armouring :
2.7.1 take bobbin qty 2
2.7.2 take bobbin out dia. Φ800
2.7.3 steel belt width 20mm-60mm
2.8 pay off bobbin size 4×PN1600
2.9 take up bobbin size PN2500mm
2.10 High equipment center 1000mm
2.11 Take-up frame ratation motor 15kW
2.13 Rotating take-up Rotating motor 45KW
3. Main components of the equipment
No Name QTY
1 Φ1600 rotation payoff 4set
2 Filling rope take-up frame 2 set
3 Lead wire frame 8 pcs
4 3 Column rotary die holder 1 set
5 entralized phase monitoring system 1 set
6 Non-metallic taping device 1 set
7 Steel belt armouring machine 1 set
8 5T Twirling CAT traction machine 1 set
9 Φ2500rotation take up 1 set
10 Transmission system 1 set
11 Electrical control system 1 set
4. Technical parameters and structure of each major component
4.1 PN1600 Rotary fork pay off
4.1.1 rotation speed 40r/min
4.1.2 pay off pay off frame 5t
4.1.4 pay off frame size PN1600×4
4.1.5 Take-up frame transmission Separate motor drive
4.1.6 Take-up frame drive motor power 15kW(AC)
4.1.8 Take-up frame structure Fork cantilever
4.1.10 The take-up tension is a pneumatic disc type, which can adjust the tension without stopping..
4.1.11 The reel clamping adopts the end shaft type, and the two sets of separate motors drive the top group with self-locking function to tighten the tool plate, which is safe and reliable..
4.1.12 The take-up reel can rotate synchronously with the take-up reel, which can be fixed or not rotated, or can be manually controlled to rotate..
4.1.13 Pneumatic disc brake.
4.1.14 The rotation of the take-up frame is driven by an AC motor separately, and the frequency control is adopted.
4.1.15 The pay-off line is controlled by the touch screen operation PLC, and can also be operated by the independent operation cabinet of each pay-off rack.
4.1.16 Take-up device borrows the crane from the workshop.
4.2 Wire die holder
4.2.1 Structure type: equipped with three wire mold bases, two of which can be moved back and forth by the screw.
4.2.1 Separate reel: mounted on the front end of the wire die holder.
4.3 Centralized phase detection:
4.3.1 Structural Type: Four-strand-block centralized type with sector angle of 90 degrees.
4.3.2 Control Principle: Four sets of phase correction devices are installed on the template, and the phase change of fan-shaped strand is detected by potentiometer, and the rotation of the motor of the wire rack is controlled, so as to correct the angle of stranding of fan-shaped strand and correct the deviation range (+15)..
4.3.3 Extreme protection: with over-travel electrical protection.

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