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New Multifunction Cable Armouring Machine Steel Wire Rope Twisting Machine 630 36+36

Basic Information
Place of Origin: CHINA
Brand Name: Beyde
Model Number: 630
Minimum Order Quantity: 1 SET
Packaging Details: CONTAINER
Delivery Time: 90 DAYS
Payment Terms: L/C, T/T
Usage: Stranding,twisting Weight: 250kg
Name: Armoured Stranding Machine,automatic Cable Twisting Machine,Full Automatic Large Square Computer Cable Peeling Cutting Machine Warranty: 1 Year
Color: Customized Voltage: Customized
Display: LCD Screen
High Light:

cable extruder machine


cable armouring machine

New Multifunction Cable Armouring Machine Steel Wire Rope Twisting Machine 630 32+32


This machine is mainly used for single or double steel wire armoring of cables..

main technical parameters

2.1 max dia. front core armored: φ60 mm

2.2 steel wire dia: φ0.8-4.0 mm

2.3strand cage speed range: 23.83-53.01r/min

2.4 Speed range of production line: 3.981-30.073m/min

2.5 armouring pitch range: 75.1-1262mm

2.6tape head pitch 185-416r/min

2.7pay off model in cage: PN500

2.8pay off model outside cage: PN2500

2.9take up ,model outside cage: PN2500

2.10::traction wheel dia. 2000mm

2.11main motor power: N=55kW

3.12deive centre high: 1000mm

Component composition

3.1 φ2500 portal pay off 1set

3.3 36/500mail cabg 2 Set

3.4 assemble holer (in front of main cage) 2set

3.5 taping deivce 1set

3.6 counter meter 1set

3.7 wheel traction device 1set

3.8 φ2500 portal pay off 1set

3.9 mechanical transmission system 1set

3.10electric control system 1set

The structural description and technical parameters of the main components

4.1φ2500 portal pay off frame

4.1.1pay off bobbin model PN1250-PN2500

4.1.2 max load weight 15t

4.1.3 The take-up line adopts the end shaft ejector type, which can move up or down at the same time or separately to ensure the height adjustment to clamp and loosen the reel.

4.1.4 The electrician for clamping, relaxing and lifting of the reel is managed by Siemens touch screen operation PLC.

4.1.5 Lifting and clamping limit protection

4.1.6 Clamp type mechanical friction tensioning device, symmetrical friction plate adjusts the tension of the pay off.

4.2 36+36/500 Two section main cage

4.2.1 The gearbox of the main cage is six variable speed, and the gear material in the box is cast steel. It can improve the hardness by heat treatment. The gearbox has the function of left and right and empty, and the positioning is accurate..

4.2.2The cage consists of a gearbox, a seamless tube hollow spindle, a winch, a wire tray frame and a pneumatic brake device. There are 36 synchronous tubes arranged in the main shaft of the second section of the 36 disc cage, and there are 72 steel wire preconditioning devices before the cage. Each section of the main engine is made of a seamless tube hollow spindle through the support of the front support, which is very rigid, so that the beats are small and the speed of the cage can be improved. The axle center line of the wire tray frame and the main shaft center line are parallel to each other. The back of the winch is equipped with a gear back torsion mechanism, and the back torsion is realized by this mechanism.


In the cage, the tension band is used to adjust the tension to keep the tension of the core line released on each cradle to be stable and balanced. The thread structure is used in the top of the wire, the rolling bearing is equipped with the rolling bearing, the rolling bearing supports the top, the thread sleeve is telescopic, and the locking mechanism is installed, the upper and lower wire plates are convenient and quick..

4.2.3 The strand cage is connected to the main shaft through the flange, the overall stiffness is good, the coaxality of the winch is high, the cage operation is balanced, the front support is in front of the cage, and the main shaft is supported on the box and front support by two sets of double row adjustable roller bearings. The main engine is reliable and the main engine is reliable..

4.2.4 The main capstan is divided into 9 equal parts, each stall is placed with 9 wire trays; the main shaft is thick-walled seamless tube. All wire nozzle adopts tungsten steel die or ceramic mold.

4.2.5 Plane pneumatic brake with the main cage brake.

4.2.6 strand cage speed range 23.83~53.01r/min

4.2.7armouring pitch range 75.1~1262mm

4.2.8pay off bobbin model in cage PN500

4.3 taping head:

4.3.1adapt taping belt dia×hole dia×width ϕ400✕ϕ52✕(20-60)mm

4.3.2taping head highest speed 416r/min

4.3.3taping pitch range 185-416r/min

4.3.4taping pitch range 8.2-147r/min

4.3.5 taping head electronically controlled stepless speed change, positive inversion and space shift.

New Multifunction Cable Armouring Machine Steel Wire Rope Twisting Machine 630 36+36 0

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