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High Speed Copper Wire Planetary Stranding Machine With 500/ 6+12+18+24

Basic Information
Place of Origin: CHINA
Brand Name: BEYDE
Model Number: 500
Minimum Order Quantity: 1 SET
Packaging Details: CONTAINER
Delivery Time: 120 DAYS
Payment Terms: L/C, T/T
Supply Ability: 200 SET
Usage: Stranding,Twisting Color: Customized
Application: Steel Wire Rope,stranding Wire And Cable Name: Planetary Stranding Machine,wire Planetary Stranded Machine
Voltage: 380V Warranty: 12 Months
Function: Control Cable,power Cable,Release Cables Stranding Pitch: Step-less,adjustable
Taping Head: 500 Plc: Siemens,optional
High Light:

wire drawing equipment


copper wire manufacturing machine

High Speed Cable Making Device Copper Wire Planetary Stranded Machine Used 500/ 6+12+18+24




This equipment is mainly used for lay-up of insulated core wires such as control cables, signal cables, and small-sized plastic cables.



The main technical parameters


Single wire diameter


Copper 1.35~5.0 mm
AL 1.8~5.0 mm
Insulated core 12mm

Strand cage rotation speed


37~88r /min

Traction line speed range


3.67~27.2 m/min

Strand wire pitch range



Taping head rotation speed range


188~419r /min

Taping pitch range



Pay-off bobbin size in cage



Take-up bobbin size



Main motor power



Take-up motor torque



Machine central height



Main Component 


PND500 Pay-off frame


1 set

PND500 main strand cage


1 set

Assembling die holder


3 set

Non-metal Taping device


1 set

Meter counter


1 set

φ1600 traction device


1 set

φ2500 end-shaft take-up and traverse frame


1 set

Mechanical transmission system


1 set

Electrical control system


1 set

Operation terminal (cabinet type)


1 set

Safety protection cover (wall fence)


1 set

Structural description and technical parameters of each main component

4.1 φPND500 Pay-off frame


Pay-off bobbin size



4.1.2 End shaft type shaftless structure, manual lifting, manual tightening


4.1.3 Mechanical friction control of take-up tension, adjustable size


  1. 500/12+18 main strand cage
  2. The 6 reel, 12 reel and 18 reel three-stage cages are driven by 6-speed, hard-toothed and gear-toothed boxes. The internal gears are accurate to 6 levels. The gears are carburized and quenched, and then the gear surface is machined by the gear grinding machine. Grinding treatment, the reducer is forcedly lubricated by the oil pump motor.
  3. The winches of the two-stage twisting cage are coupled with the main shaft through a flange lock sleeve, and the overall rigidity is good, the coaxiality of the winch is high, and the winch is balanced. 
  4. The front end of the twisting cage has a front support. The main shaft is supported by the front and rear double-row spherical roller bearings on the box body and the front support. The front and rear supports of the winch are respectively equipped with double row roller self-aligning bearings to ensure the hinged cage shaft. To the carrying capacity of the swaying, the cradle frame is arranged in 6 divisions per circumference of the cage. 
  5. The winch is made of high-strength hollow tube, and the pipe is jointless; the winch is made of Q235 whole plate CNC cutting, cradle frame (6; 6+6; 6+6+6), and the second and third gears are arranged. The structural composition; the axial centerline of the bobbin and the centerline of the main shaft are parallel to each other, and a planetary gear retracting mechanism is arranged behind the winch for achieving 100% mechanical back-twisting. The retraction of the wire frame is connected with the back-twisting gear through the spline back-twisting shaft, which is not easy to roll, safe and reliable 
  6. The cradle frame is welded by steel plate, CNC cutting plate, adopting bending process, less welding position, large bearing capacity, overall annealing processing, high precision, anti-fatigue, durable and invariable 
  7. Loading method: end shaft structure, manual end shaft clamping reel, mechanical locking, safe and stable, not easy to pull out, convenient loading and unloading reel, the reel is loaded into the cradle by means of the crane in the workshop. 
  8. Belt mechanical friction tension in the cradle, the tension can be manually adjusted 
  9. The main line outlet end is equipped with a “ring touch” broken wire parking protection function, which is convenient for disconnection and automatic parking after completion of the line. 
  10. The main cage brake adopts butterfly plane air pressure pneumatic brake, which is efficient, safe and reliable. 

Strand cage rotation speed range


88.0r /min

Strand pitch range


42~732 mm


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