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630/18 Planetary Closer For Steel Wire Rope Manufacturing 35w X K7 & 18 X 19m

Basic Information
Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: BEYDE
Model Number: 630
Minimum Order Quantity: 1 set
Packaging Details: container
Delivery Time: 90-120 days
Payment Terms: L/C, T/T
Supply Ability: 200 set / year
Usage: Stranding Color: Customized
Application: Cable Making Industry Name: Planetary Stranding Machine,wire Planetary Stranded Machine,Cable Making Equipment Planetary Type Cable Stranding Machine
Voltage: 380voltage Or Others Wire Material: Steel Wire,conductor Or Insulated Wire
Warranty: 12 Months Stranding Pitch: Step-less,adjustable
Taping Head: 500 Plc: Siemens
Optional: Magnetic Hysteresis Bearing: NSK/SKF
High Light:

steel wire rope manufacturing planetary closer


stranding planetary closer

630/18 Planetary Closer for Steel Wire Rope Manufacturing 35W x K7 & 18 x 19M





This machine is mainly used for the production of single layer 18 strands steel wire rope.


2.1 Single wire diameter φ2.0-φ8.0mm
2.2 Max strand diameter φ36mm
2.3 Strand pitch range 41.47-732.1 mm
2.4 Cage max rotation speed 37-88.5r/min
2.5 outer line speed range 3.67-27m/min
2.6 capstan wheel diameter φ1400mm
2.7 Bobbin size in cage φ500 (buyer's standard of drawing
2.8 Take-up bobbin size φ1600 (buyer's standard of drawing)
2.8 Main motor power 45KW(AC)
2.10 Take-up motor power 6kg. M torque motor

1.Main Component

3.1 φ1600 Central pay-off frame 1 set
3.2 18 bobbins strand cage 1 set
3.3 Assembling die holder 1 set
3.4 Transmission system 1 set
3.5 Meter counter 1 set
3.6 36 class capstan device 1 set
3.7 Φ1600 shaftless take-up and traverse frame 1 set
3.8 Electrical control system 1 set
3.9 Safety protecting system 1 set
3.10 Anchor bolt 1 set


1.Structural description and technical parameters of each main component

  1. Φ1600 center pay-off rack
4.0.1 Adapt bobbin size Φ1000-1600mm

---The structure of string shaft is firm.

--- the setting out tension is controlled by butterfly clamp mechanical friction, and the tension is adjusted manually.

---- it can rotate in linkage with the main engine, rotate independently, and adjust speed steplessly


  1. 18 bobbin strand cage
4.1.1 Adapt bobbin size Ø500
4.1.2 Cage max rotation speed 37-88.5rpm
4.1.3 Engine speed class Level 6, forward and reverse, neutral

4.1.4 The main winch cage is composed of 18 disc winch cage frame, main gearbox, base, front support, etc.

4.1.5 the main winch cage is of parallel structure and three gear 6 + 6 + 6 structure. The planetary gear set is used to drive the untwisting, which can realize 100% mechanical untwisting.

4.1.6 the winch cage gearbox has six levels of speed change, with forward and reverse directions.

4.1.7 the middle basket of the winch cage is a series shaft structure with adjustable mechanical friction tension and chain block damping structure.

4.1.8 clamp type pneumatic brake device.

4.1.9 the main engine is equipped with wall type push-pull safety protection device


  1. assembling die holder

---Die size 90 × 90 square meters

----the distance of die base can be adjusted by manual screw

  1. Mechanical electronic dual configuration meter counter

---Circumference of meter wheel 500mm


---- maximum meter length 9999m


--- horizontal roller machine, with wire roller at the inlet and outlet


---There is a digital display device


4.4 Ø1400 capstan device

4.4.1 capstan wheel diameter φ1400mm
4.4.2 Speed change class 36
4.4.3 Capstan wire speed range 41.47-732.1mm

---It adopts double wheel traction and natural separation. Double grooved wheel, 8 circular grooves

---- it is equipped with pneumatic cable stop device to place loose cables

---- the change of pitch is completed by 36 level traction box, which has a wide range of pitch and meets the needs of various cable pitches


4.5 φ1600 shaftless take-up and traverse device

4.5.1 Receiving bobbin size Φ1000-1600
4.5.2 Take-up Motor 6kg. M (torque motor)

-----It adopts no shaft take-up with column, electric lifting, electric clamping coil and safety protection device.

-----the torque motor and reducer are installed on the column slider.

---- adopt separate motor drive and smooth rod wire arrangement device; The electrical system controls the running state of the motor, so as to achieve the purpose of adjusting the pitch and automatic commutation


4.6 Mechanical transmission system

4.7.1 Main electric motor 45kw (AC variable frequency motor)

---Transmission system includes: main transmission system, transmission shaft and coupling.

--- Ha, WA and Luo bearings are adopted for the unit


4.8 Electric control system

---The power supply is three-phase five wire system, three-phase 380 V (± 10%), 50 Hz. The total installed capacity is 75KVA

---- the main machine adopts 45KW AC main motor with frequency converter speed regulation, stable operation and convenient operation


5. Color

a) Equipment body: ral5015 outer phthalocyanine medium blue


b) Rotating position: ral2004 orange outside


c) Underframe position: ral9017 outer black


d) Electric cabinet: Siemens grey


e) In addition, it can be implemented according to the requirements of the demander

6.Air source requirement

6.1 air press 0.6MPa
6.2 air volum 1.0m3/min
6.3 temperature -10~40°C


7. other

7.1 Bearing brand (HRB.WZS.LYC)
7.2 AC motor (Lu'an Jianghuai)
7.3 inverter (Inovance)
7.4 Touch screen (MCGS)
7.6 Low voltage electrical components (Schneider)

9. Document with machine

9.1 Use Manual 1 set
9.2 Foundation diagram 1 set
9.3 Overall diagram 1 set
9.4 Electrical drawing 1 set
9.5 Air circuit layout 1 set
9.6 diagram of transmission mechanism 1 set
9.7 AC / DC driver manual 1 set
9.8 Bearing list 1 set
9.9 list of vulnerable parts 1 set


10. equipment operation direction

Wait customer to confirm;

Default: right hand, that is, facing the device, left hand pay off, right hand take up


630/18 Planetary Closer For Steel Wire Rope Manufacturing 35w X K7 & 18 X 19m 0

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