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Drum Twister to Lebanon cable factory

October 24, 2022


1. Overview

1.1 Equipment purpose

CPD2500 winch crawler traction type cabling machine is mainly used for the stranding and cabling of large section and long power cables. The pre twisted or non pre twisted cable cores can be twisted into cables respectively. Steel wire armouring is also available.

1.2 Equipment composition and description

This machine is mainly composed of Ф 1600 rotary paying off stand (4 sets) Ф 2500 rotary paying off rack (1 set), filling rope paying off rack, conductor support, three row wire mold base, 42 coil wire paying off rack (2 sets), 84 wire pretorque devices, rotary wire mold base Φ 600 double winding device (1 set) Φ 800 steel belt armor device (1 set), 5T rotating crawler traction device Ф 2500 rotary winding frame, electric drive and control system, pneumatic hydraulic system, etc.

The machine adopts the programmable controller to command and coordinate the starting, running and synchronous rotation of the whole machine and the motors of each branch. The AC motor of each branch is controlled by the imported frequency converter. The touch screen is used to display and adjust the operation status and process parameters of the production line. The electric control system is advanced in technology, convenient in operation and reliable in operation.

The rotary crawler traction device and the rotary take-up stand of the machine are mechanically linked and rotate synchronously. The traction wire speed is controlled by a separate motor, and the pitch is stepless. The wrapping device is driven by a separate motor, and the wrapping pitch is stepless adjustable. The paying off rack is driven and rotated by a separate motor, which can rotate synchronously with the rotating take-up rack or jog independently. The take-up frame adopts the supporting wheel structure, which increases the rigidity, stability and reliability of operation.

The machine is equipped with multiple safety protection and fault automatic shutdown devices, which are easy to operate, safe and reliable.

2. Basic technical specifications of equipment

2.1 Maximum outer diameter of cabling Ф 100mm

2.2 The maximum speed of the winch and pay off stand is 40r/min

2.3 Maximum traction linear speed 50m/min (stepless adjustable)

2.4 Cabling pitch 200 ~ 8000mm

2.5 Maximum traction force 5 tons

2.6 Maximum speed of non-metallic wrapping 650rpm

2.7 Specification of filling rope (outer diameter X hole diameter X width X quantity)

Ф 400X Ф 22X360X10

Ф 800X Ф 52X320X4

2.8 Specification X quantity ¢ 500X ¢ 125X375X84 of steel wire armored wire reel

2.9 Main motor N=45KW (AC) n=1500rpm

2.10 Central rotary paying off frame motor (1 set): N=22KW (AC) n=1500rpm

2.11 Side pay off frame rotating motor (4 sets): N=15KW (AC) n=1500rpm

2.12 Traction motor: N=22KW (AC) n=1500rpm

2.13 Non metal wound motor: N=11KW (AC) n=1000rpm

2.14 Steel belt armouring machine: N=22KW (AC) n=1500rpm

2.15 Flat wire motor: N=2.2KW n=1500rpm

2.16 Wire take-up motor: N=5.5KW (AC) n=1480rpm

2.17 Specification of central pay off reel: PN2500

2.18 Specification of side pay off reel: PN1600

2.19 Specification of take-up reel: PN2500

3. Structure description and technical parameters of main components

three point one Ф 1600 rotary paying off stand

3.1.1 Structure description

The structure of this part is fork cantilever type. The utility model is composed of a driving motor, a reducer, a pneumatic brake device, a fork frame, a coil clamping mechanism, a horizontal pin, a tension control mechanism, etc.

The pay off stand uses AC variable frequency motor to drive the fork stand to rotate independently, and the AC variable frequency motor drives the fork stand to rotate after decelerating through helical gear reducer, gear, etc.

The paying off rack can rotate synchronously with the take-up rack; It can be fixed without rotation; The inching rotation can also be controlled manually.

The paying off tension of 1600 rotary pay off rack is pneumatically controlled. Compressed air is sent to the rotary fork rack by a rotary pneumatic connector, and then acted on the tension disc by two tension controllers. The paying off tension can be adjusted at will on the pneumatic control cabinet under shutdown and running conditions.

Note: The rotary pneumatic joint at the end of the spindle should be lubricated frequently during use, otherwise the sealing elements in the joint will be damaged.

The clamping of the pay off reel is electrically controlled. The motor drives the center forward and backward through the belt transmission pair, worm gear and worm pair, nut screw pair, etc., so as to clamp or loosen the wire reel.

The paying off rack is equipped with a horizontal pin, which is composed of a pin, two travel switches, etc. It is one

When the fork is in the horizontal position, the pin installed on the base can be inserted into the round hole at the end of the fork. One travel switch acts. At this time, the reel clamping mechanism and the hydraulic lifting table can work. It is used to complete the clamping, loosening and up and down work of the reel. At the same time, the host cannot be started due to interlocking. When the latch returns, the other travel switch acts. At this time, the host can be started to run and the reel clamping mechanism is locked.latest company news about Drum Twister to Lebanon cable factory  0