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Planetary strander 630/6 delivery to USD Dacon

May 29, 2023

1. Equipment usage and advantage
It is widely used for stranding Cooper, Aluminum, steel, control, telecom wire, small size plastic power wires and insulated core wires. It is also with tapping function.
It uses PLC process control, touch screen, frequency controller and air control systems. The synchronization function deviation value is less than 3% when it launches, running, machine halt, scramming situations. This makes stranding pitch steady. The whole equipment operated by human-computer interface, colorful touch screen with advanced electrical system.

2. Specifications
3. Single wire diameter Cooper:φ1.5-5.0mm
Al-clad steel:φ1.5-4.5mm
Insulated wire:φ3.0-13mm
3.1. Max stranding diameter φ40mm
3.2. Stranding speed range 80r/min.
3.3. Motor power 45KW(AC)
3.4. Pay-off in cage PND630
3.5. Pay-off tension in cage Mechanical friction tension
3.6. Stranding Pitch 63-700mm(stepless regulation)
3.7. Max Linear speed 35m/min.
3.8. taped head max speed 600r/min
3.9. Taped head pitch 16-200mm(stepless regulation)
3.10. Taping machine power 2.2KW(AC)
3.11. Pay-off Bobbins range PND500/PND630
3.12. Capstan diameter φ1200mm
3.13. Capstan Motor power 22KW(AC)
3.14. Take up bobbin PN800-PN1600
3.15. Take up motor power 4.0KW(AC)


4. Components
4.1. Φ630 fixed pay-off loader 1set
4.2. 6 bobbins strander 1set
4.3. Wire Combined module 1set
4.4. Concentric type taping machine 1set
4.5. Self-adapting length counter 1set
4.6. φ1200 dual-wheel capstan device 1set
4.7. Φ1600 gantry type take-up loader 1set
4.8. Electrical control system 1set
4.9. Safety device 1set

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