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35sqmm And 4x16 Flexible Cable Twist Machine Automatic 1000mm High Speed Dtb

Basic Information
Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: Beyde
Model Number: 1000
Minimum Order Quantity: 1 set
Packaging Details: container
Delivery Time: 50 days
Payment Terms: L/C, T/T
Supply Ability: 200 set/year
Usage: Stranding Name: Single Core Fiber Optical Cable Machine And Production Line,flexible Flat Cable Stripping Machine
Voltage: 3phase 380V 50HZ Warranty: One Year
Color: Customized Function: Electric Wire Cable Manufacture
Air Pressure: 0.5-0.8MPA Motor Power: Single-phase220V 0.2 Kw
Wire Size1: Φ0.2-Φ2.6mm Cu Wire Size2: Core Wire Φ1-Φ6mm
Stranded Cross-section: Copper Wire 0.5 - 25mm ², Aluminum Wire 0.5 - 35mm ² , Core Wire Upto 50mm ²
High Light:

35sqmm cable twist machine


4x16 cable twist machine


dtb twist cable machine

Automatic 1000mm High Speed Twist Machine (DTB Machine) upto 35sqmm and 4x16 Flexible Cable


1.Use:it is suitable for twisting the core wires of various power cables, data cables, control cables and other special cables into cables.

1. High speed and good stability

Automatic tension control: magnetic powder clutch and PLC are used to control the take-up, and the take-up tension is adjusted automatically

2. Wire passing system: the latest structure is adopted. The wire passes directly from the main shaft guide wheel to the bow belt. The bow belt (adopts) unique circular groove design and cooperates with the semi-circular porcelain ring of the bow belt to avoid strand scratch and strand jumping caused by wind resistance during high-speed operation

3. Main Spindle lubrication mode: manual oil supply system

4. Safety protection: if the contact of each starting door is not in place, the contact of the lifting table is not in place, and the internal and external wires are broken, it will automatically alarm or fail to start on the touch screen

5.Main Spindle and aluminum disc: processed by high-speed dynamic balancer; Noise below 83 DB

6. Electrical control: touch screen human-machine interface humanized operation, controlled by PLC program controller + frequency converter

7. SK5 imported from Japan, heat treatment

8. Transmission system: the whole machine adopts synchronous belt and gear transmission, with accurate twist distance, no lubrication points in the machine, clean machine, and no secondary line and waste line due to refueling pollution

9. Change the pitch: it is easy to operate. Only two gears need to be replaced according to the pitch table

10. Meter counting method: meter counting by spindle; The same machine has one specification, and the meter counting error is one ten thousandth.


35sqmm And 4x16 Flexible Cable Twist Machine Automatic 1000mm High Speed Dtb 0

2. Pay-off type: active+ magnetic powder+ belt driving

35sqmm And 4x16 Flexible Cable Twist Machine Automatic 1000mm High Speed Dtb 135sqmm And 4x16 Flexible Cable Twist Machine Automatic 1000mm High Speed Dtb 235sqmm And 4x16 Flexible Cable Twist Machine Automatic 1000mm High Speed Dtb 3


4. Mechanical composition and performance analysis:

4.1. Body structure:

Material: welded from low carbon steel.

Structure: the body is annealed to eliminate internal stress, and then processed and formed by precision boring machine.

4.2. Incoming part:

Incoming position: facing the right side of the machine.

Wire entry mode: from the setting out device through the wire breaking induction area, first pass through the main branching board and then (the branching holes are distributed according to 1 + 6 + 12),

4.3. Spindle:

Material: 40Cr steel is quenched and tempered after forging.

Accuracy: the outer circle of the shaft core and the positioning end face of the bearing are ground to ensure concentricity and perpendicularity with the shaft center.

Dynamic balance: dynamic balance accuracy G2 Grade 5 (weight difference 0.03g)

4.5. Bow band

Material: SK5 imported from Japan

Shape: special appearance to reduce wind resistance

Weight difference: the weight difference of each pair is less than 0.03g

4.6. Transmission part: it adopts synchronous belt transmission,

4.7. Threading wheel:

Material: #45 steel heat treatment hrc28-32

The surface is plated with hard chromium, which is not easy to wear

Main shaft material: 45# steel.

4.9. Main shaft bearing lubrication system: lubrication method: grease lubrication, grease model: SKF lgmt 2 / 0.4, sealing method: mechanical oil retaining ring

4.10. Take up: Take up tension control: the take-up tension is controlled by frequency converter + motor. The frequency converter PID adjusts the tension and the tension is constant

4.11. Cable arrangement: special two-way cable arrangement device, φ 40mm smooth rod bearing type cable arrangement, width arrangement The row spacing can be adjusted accurately.

35sqmm And 4x16 Flexible Cable Twist Machine Automatic 1000mm High Speed Dtb 4

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