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Cable Planetary Stranding Machine 100% Back Twist Power Saving JLY-400/1+6+12+18

Basic Information
Place of Origin: Hejian,China
Brand Name: Beyde
Model Number: 400/6+12+18
Minimum Order Quantity: 1 Set
Price: Negotiate
Packaging Details: Container loading with safety packing
Delivery Time: 90 Days after receive deposit
Payment Terms: L/C, T/T
Supply Ability: 120 Set/Year
Color: Customized Warranty:: 12 Months
PLC: Siemens Usage: Stranding
Touch Screen: Siemens Input Wire: 0.5-4.0mm
Wire Material: Copper, Al, Steel Max Strand OD: 45mm
Tension: Mechanic Or Hysteresis Rotation Speed: 45-80r/min
Stranding Direction: S Or Z
High Light:

0.5mm planetary stranding machine


Touch screen planetary stranding machine


low noise cable stranding machine

Planetary Cable Stranding Machine With 100% Back - Twist Power Saving JLY-400/1+6+12+18



This machine is mainly used for control cable, stranding of stranded wire and rubber sheathed flexible conductor stranding process. The stranding structure is multi-layer stranding and non-metallic wrapping function.


There is no hard drive connection between each stranding cage, stranding cage body and capstan, and there is no impact of drive chain caused by unsynchronized inertia of cage body. The pitch of bare wire stranding can be adjusted arbitrarily, without pitch blind area. Electronic control system. Convenient operation and reliable performance.


2. Main Parameter:
2.1 Input wire diameter 1.0mm -4.0mm
2.2 Max Stranding OD Ø 45mm
2.3 Max rotation speed 80/RPM
Stepless electronic control
2.4 Strand pitch 6 B: 20-250mm
12 B: 40-400mm
18 B: 60-600mm
24 B: 80-1000mm
Stepless electronic control
2.5 Max line speed 30m/min
Stepless electronic control
2.6 Rotating speed of non metallic wrapping head 650/RPM
Stepless electronic control
2.7 Pitch of non metallic wrapping head 0-200mm
Stepless electronic control
2.8 Capstan wheel diameter Ø 1600mm * 2
2.9 6 bobbins motor power 18.5KW (AC motor)
2.10 12 bobbins motor power 22KW (AC motor)
2.11 18 bobbins motor power 30KW (AC motor)
2.12 24 bobbins motor power 37KW (AC motor)
2.13 Capstan motor power 45KW (AC motor)
2.14 Motor power of non metallic wrapping head 7.5KW (AC motor)
2.15 Take up motor power 54.0KW AC motor
2.16 Pay off bobbin size in cage Ø 300mm
2.17 Central pay off size Ø 300mm
2.18 Take up bobbin size Ø 1000mm (buyer standard)
2.19 Machine center high 1000mm


3. Main components:
3.1 Ø 300mm Center Pay off stand--------------------------------1 set
3.2 6+12+18+24 bobbins strand cage Each-------------------- 1 set
3.3 Closing wire die holder------------------------------------------ 4 set
3.4 Ø 500x2 Tangential wrapping machine---------------------- 5 set
3.4 Mechanical+digital meter counter------------------------------ 1 set
3.5 Ø 1600mm double wheel capstan machine------------------ 1 set
3.6 Ø 1000mm Cantilever type take up with traverse stand--- 1 set
3.7 Electric control system---------------------------------------------- 1 set
3.8 Safety protection system --------------------------------------------1 set


3. Electric control system:
The power supply of this machine is a three phase five wire system, with a three phase 380V (± 10%) and 50Hz Total 230kw
The unit options touch screen+PLC for unified management
Control Function Description: It insists of two sets of electrical cabinets placed separately, including: power cabinet, main control cabinet, and auxiliary control cabinet
The main control cabinet is divided into two zones:
A. The first area of the main control cabinet: can complete the start, stop, job, speed regulation, and emergency stop of the entire machine motor;
B. The functions of the auxiliary control cabinet include: start, stop, job, speed regulation, and emergency stop of the winding function
C. The main control cabinet is placed on the front console operation side, and the auxiliary control cabinet is placed in the position of receiving and discharging cables
D. Touch screen display: The touch screen is installed on the main console of the host, which can complete the following settings and displays:
a) Set the overall speed
b) Various job speed settings
c) Host speed ratio setting
d) Production meter length setting
e) Display of actual linear speed value
f) Display the actual value of production meter length
g) Display the actual values of current, frequency, speed, and torque of each variable frequency motor
h) Random display of equipment faults and query of fault pages
4.8.4 Start the entire machine and add sound and light warning function
4.8.5 The entire machine options a fully digital control system with a programmable controller as the core and a touch screen as the human machine interface It communicates with the frequency converter through the field bus to achieve automatic control of the entire production line, fully meeting production requirements.


Max Rotation speed(m/min) Wire Diameter(mm)

Solid Conductor


Multi wire
Steel wire
fiber cell
6B 8B 12B 16B 18B 24B Copper Al/Alloy
400 130 125 120   105 90 1.0-5.0 1.5-5.0 1.2-5.0      
500 110 100 100   90 76 1.0-5.0 1.5-5.0 1.2-5.0      
630 90 85 80 75 72 63 1.2-5.0 1.5-5.0 1.2-5.0 1.2-5.0 1.5-5.0  
800 60   50   45             2.0-15


Cable Planetary Stranding Machine 100% Back Twist Power Saving JLY-400/1+6+12+18 0Cable Planetary Stranding Machine 100% Back Twist Power Saving JLY-400/1+6+12+18 1Cable Planetary Stranding Machine 100% Back Twist Power Saving JLY-400/1+6+12+18 2Cable Planetary Stranding Machine 100% Back Twist Power Saving JLY-400/1+6+12+18 3Cable Planetary Stranding Machine 100% Back Twist Power Saving JLY-400/1+6+12+18 4




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