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Large Rigid Cage Cable Stranding Machine Line JLK500/8+12+24 200r/Min

Basic Information
Place of Origin: Hejian,China
Brand Name: Beyde
Model Number: JLK500/8+12+24
Minimum Order Quantity: 1 Set
Packaging Details: Container loading with safety packing
Delivery Time: 90 Days after receive deposit
Payment Terms: L/C, T/T
Supply Ability: 120 Set/Year
Warranty:: 12 Months PLC: Siemens
Usage: Stranding Input Wire: 1.5-5.0mm
Max Stranding: 70mm Max Rotating: 200r/min
Wrapping Head: Option Motor: Siemens
Take-up: 2500mm Pay-off: 2500mm
Capstan: 2000mm Material: Copper And Aluminum Conductor
Max. Stranding Section: 1000mm2 Max. Traverse Pitch: 120mm
Power Supply: AC380-415V/50Hz
High Light:

large rigid cage cable stranding machine


200r/min cable stranding machine


200r/min rigid strander

Good Quality Large Rigid Cage Strander Line JLK500/8+12+24


Ø 1600 central Pay-off rack:

5.1.1 specification of pay off reel: PN800 ~ PN1600

5.1.2 maximum load capacity: 4T

5.1.3 the paying off tension is controlled by mechanical friction and can be adjusted.

5.1.4 the structure is shaftless, with electric lifting reel and electric clamping or loosening reel.

5.1.5 lifting and clamping limit protection function


12.18. 24 bobbin strand cage:

5.2.1. Maximum speed of stranding cage:

12 bobbin : 230r/min (full load bobbin)

18 bobbin: 198r / min (full load bobbin)

24 bobbin :178r/min (full load bobbin)

5.2.2. Winch motor power:

12 bobbin: 75kw (AC)

18 bobbin : 75kw (AC)

24 bobbin : 75kw (AC)

5.2.3. Pitch range: Stepless adjustable

5.2.4 each section of the hinge is driven by a separate AC motor through a special gear box, which can rotate left and right. The gear box is equipped with two high and low speed gears. The high speed gear is used for normal stranding and the low speed gear is used for disk changing. The main motor drives the winch to rotate slowly. The handle is used to switch the position of the hanging disk automatically.

5.2.5 frame structure, the whole hinge is double supported by the front and rear support frames, and the middle is supported by seamless steel pipes. The main steel plate connecting surface of the frame is processed and welded by high-strength reverse break. The welded overall frame is annealed in an annealing furnace at high temperature, and the deformation and stress generated by steel plate welding are subjected to accelerated aging treatment. After 72 hours, it is naturally cooled to the natural temperature, effectively enhancing the strength of the whole frame. Machining allowance is reserved for the brake surface of the hinge, and allowance is reserved for the top mounting hole. After all the holes are bored, processed and milled in the gantry machining center, they can be finished on the heavy horizontal lathe. The bottom plate of the hinge is welded with rectangular pipes, which effectively enhances the stability of the hinge compared with the ordinary channel steel bottom plate and is more suitable for the high-speed rotation of the hinge. The dynamic balance test after the assembly of the hinge meets the requirements of stable high-speed operation.

5.2.6 the single line paying off tension is adjusted by the pneumatic control proportional valve imported from Japan through electronic detection and electrical control, which can realize constant single line paying off tension from full reel to empty reel.

5.2.7 the reel adopts end shaft pneumatic clamping, and the air cylinder clamps the reel from bottom to top, which is convenient for the reel to go up and down. After the wire reel is clamped, the pneumatic interlocking mechanical safety locking mechanism realizes linkage and stop

5.2.8 using digital quantity to detect wire breakage can accurately judge the wire breakage signal of any wire in each section of the hinge, and display which section and which wire are broken on the touch screen of the main console. The stopping length of wire breakage detection is within 2m (when the line speed is 20m / min), which significantly improves the accuracy and accuracy of wire breakage detection and ensures the detection accuracy.

5.2.9 the hanging operation of each section of the hinge adopts the slow gear on the gear box. The hinge is driven by the main motor to rotate slowly for slow positioning. The proximity switch is used to detect the positioning pulse signal to ensure that the hanging position is accurate.

5.2.10 the surface of tension disc shall be polished to ensure the stability and balance of tension.

5.2.11 each section of hinge adopts wall type protective fence and fixed type.

5.2.12 each section of the winch is equipped with a set of hanging plate device under the hydraulic side.

5.2.13 each section of twisted body is equipped with a set of single wire pre forming device, which is used for round single wire stranding to ensure that the single wire is not loose after the conductor section is disconnected after stranding.

5.2.14 the single section stranding cage of the machine is equipped with a central protective tube

5.3 Automatic load and unload bobbin device:

5.3.1 Applicable reel: PDND630mm

5.3.2 this loading bobbin device is an automatic hanging plate device at the bottom of the hydraulic drive side, which is composed of an auxiliary filling mechanism of the upper and lower plates, an underframe, a turning hanging plate mechanism, a linear motion guide rail pair and a hydraulic system.

5.3.3 when the turning over mechanism is in the horizontal position, the wire reel is pushed into the fixed position from the upper reel turntable, and the hydraulic drive system starts to work. The piston rod of the winch connected oil cylinder extends (the wire reel bracket and the piston rod are connected in a hinged manner) to drive the upper reel device to turn over with the fixed shaft as the base point. When turning over to the set angle, the bottom surface of the guide rail contacts the limit device on the bottom plate of the winch and stops turning. At this time, the piston rod continues to work, and the drive reel bracket moves linearly along the guide rail to the side under the action of the linear motion guide rail pair. When the reel reaches the clamping position of the winch, the piston rod of the oil cylinder stops extending under the action of the limit switch, and the winch clamping device works to clamp the reel.

5.3.4 after the wire reel is installed, the cylinder piston retracts, and the wire reel bracket moves linearly downward along the guide rail. When it moves to the limit at the bottom of the guide rail, the wire reel bracket stops sliding, and the wire reel bracket and the guide rails on both sides turn over along the fixed shaft until the cylinder piston retracts to the bottom, and the wire reel bracket returns to the horizontal position.

5.3.5 features: small floor space and easy to maintain. Easy operation and high efficiency. Strong integrity and clean working conditions.

5.4 Meter counter: (mechanical, electronic)

5.4.1 Perimeter of meter wheel: 500mm (wheel width ≥ 50mm)

5.4.2 The meter counter adopts the mechanical roller type mechanical electronic meter counter, which can realize mechanical meter counting and electronic meter counting.

5.4.3 With coefficient correction function, meter counting is accurate and reliable, and meter counting accuracy is ± 0.3%.

5.4.4 Maximum meter length: 9999mm


5.5 Ø 2000 forceful double wheel capstan device:

5.5.1 Effective diameter of traction wheel: Φ 2000mm

5.5.2 Maximum linear traction speed: 45m/min

5.5.3 Maximum traction: 12t

5.5.4 Motor power: 75kw (AC variable frequency motor)

5.5.5 The traction structure is double wheels and double active traction wheels. The traction motor drives the pinion after decelerating through the reducer with large speed ratio to drive the large gear ring on the two traction wheels to rotate.

5.5.6 The traction wheel is a welded structural part and tempered; The traction wheel groove is U-shaped (5 and 6 grooves), which is processed by NC vertical lathe to ensure that the groove shape is accurate, the bottom diameter is the same, and the surface of the traction wheel groove is polished with high surface finish.

5.5.7 Gear transmission, made of steel castings.

5.5.8 It is equipped with a pneumatic stop device to ensure that the cable is not loose and the stranding pitch is stable during parking


5.6 Ø 2500 portal type take-up frame

5.6.1 Maximum load capacity: 12t

5.6.2 Maximum diameter of cable: 60mm

5.6.3 Maximum take-up speed: 50m/min

5.6.4 Specification of take-up reel: PN1250 ~PN2500

5.6.5 Take up motor: 5.5kW (AC variable frequency motor)

5.6.6 clamping motor: 0.75KW (AC)

5.6.7 Reel lifting motor: 2 sets of 1.5 kW (AC)

5.6.8 Mobile motor for cable arrangement: 0.75KW (AC)

5.6.9 Embedded under the substructure, column open and close structure, electric lifting, clamping and loosening of the cable reel

5.6.10 The take-up adopts AC variable frequency motor, which is controlled by frequency converter, and the take-up tension is stable and adjustable.

5.6.11 The winding speed tracks the winding speed, the winding pitch is stepless and adjustable, and has the function of fast winding adjustment.

5.6.12 With coil clamping protection, upper and lower coil limit protection and traverse terminal protection.

5.6.13 With electric operating handle


Technical parameter:

NO OF WIRE 44 Wire screening
NO OF CAGE 1 (Centre Wire) + 8+12+24
TYPE OF WIRE Copper, Aluminium and Steel wire
1.5 mm - 5.00 mm 1.8 mm - 5.00 mm
4.5mm - 50.0 mm -
CAGE DIRECTION Can run S and Z direction
COUNTER Mechanical & Electrical
WIRE TENSION CONTROL Electrical control system
SIZE OF PAY-OFF (Portal) 2500 mm (max drum flange)
SIZE OF TAKE-UP (Portal) 2500 mm (max drum flange)
DRUM DIAMETER 1600 - 3200 mm
DRUM WIDTH 1180 - 2000 mm
COMPACTING DEVICE (for Milliken / sector shape conductor) Can make rotating pre-twister ( S & Z)
CAGE DRIVING SYSTEM Individual/separate motor drive for cage
MAIN MOTOR Servo motor
TOUCH SCREEN Siemens brand






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