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250r/Min Rigid Stranding Machine Step Less Adjust For Aluminum Conductor

Basic Information
Place of Origin: Hejian,China
Brand Name: Beyde
Model Number: JLK500/12+18
Minimum Order Quantity: 1 Set
Packaging Details: Container loading with safety packing
Delivery Time: 90 Days after receive deposit
Payment Terms: L/C, T/T
Supply Ability: 120 Set/Year
Warranty:: 24 Months PLC: Delta
Usage: Stranding Input Wire: 1.5-5.0mm
Max Stranding: Step-less Ajust Max Rotating: 250r/min
Wrapping Head: Option Motor: Siemens
Take-up: 2000mm Pay-off: 2000mm
Capstan: 1600mm Material: Copper And Aluminum Conductor
Max. Stranding Section: 200mm2 Max. Traverse Pitch: 120mm
Power Supply: AC380-415V/50Hz
High Light:

250r/min rigid stranding machine


step less adjust rigid stranding machine


aluminum conductor rigid strander

Rigid Frame Strander Manufacturer Sell At A Low Price Leading Manufacturer In China



1. Application:


This machine is mainly used for stranding copper and aluminum wires with 1+12+18+24 structure.

It is suitable for the production of large-length bare aluminum, bare copper wire, steel core aluminum stranded wire and aluminum alloy wire, sector-shaped conductor stranding and pressing, round conductor stranding, drawing and pressing, and special-shaped conductor stranding. The equipment adopts 36-stage traction variable speed gear box, dual active and dual traction devices. The splitter wheel uses natural splitting to avoid the wire core grazing during the stranding process. It is equipped with a complete disconnection automatic stop device, and the disconnection stop is directly controlled To each pay-off reel, the host will automatically stop immediately when the disconnected reel stops.


2. Main parameter:


Input wire diameter Copper Ø 1.5-Ø 5.0mm
Aluminum Ø 1.75-Ø 5.0mm
Max stranding OD Ø50mm
Max rotation speed 6 bobbins 229r/min(
12bobbins 197r/min(
18 bobbins 178r/min
24 bobbins 157r/min
30 bobbins 133r/min
36 bobbins 109r/min
Stranding cage motor power 6 bobbins 75KW(AC)
12 bobbins 75KW(AC)
18 bobbins 75KW(AC)
24 bobbins 75KW(AC)
30 bobbins 90KW(AC)
36 bobbins 110KW(AC)
Stranding pitch(set one PLC) Stepless adjustable
Traction line speed Max 60m/min
Capstan motor power 200KW(AC)
Pay-off bobbin size in cage PND630
Forceful dual wheel capstan Ø 2500mm
Static pay-off bobbin size PND500-PND630
Central pay-off bobbin size PN800-PN1600
Take-up bobbin reel size PN1600-PN3150
Non-metallic taping machine max speed 550r/min
Non-metallic taping machine pitch Stepless adjustable
Non-metallic taping machine motor power 11KW(AC)
Metallic taping machine max speed 550r/min
Metallic taping machine pitch Stepless adjustable
Metallic taping machine motor power 22KW(AC)
Machine center high 1000mm


3. Features:
3.1. Rigid frame stranding machine adopts Heavy duty frame type Stranding cage, cage supported on self aligning roller bearing on both ends. Totally enclosed gear, centralized lubricating system for bearing, drive to cages. Which improves the smooth operation and reduces noise.

3.2. The rigid stranding machine adopts a constant tension pay-off device for each bobbin to ensure its quality.

3.3. This frame type strander is of high mechanical strength, high reliability, high production efficiency, low energy consumption, compact structure and easy operation.

3.4. Motorised / manual bobbin pintles with safety interlock. Wire-break detection installed for each bobbin.

3.5. The rigid strander adopts frequency converter motor drive that realizes stepless speed regulation, smooth start, no impact when replacing spools and no damage to the machine.

3.6. Manufactured by using materials from domestic and abroad famous factories, the wire stranding machine has long usage life.



4. Main components:


Ø630mm Static Pay-off stand 1 unit
Ø3150mm Portal center Pay-off stand 1 unit
# guide wire stand 1 unit bobbins strand cage Each 1 unit bobbin Concentrated loading bobbin device Each 1 unit
Close wire die holder 6 unit
Rotating Compacted stand(Milliken) 5 unit
Mechanic digital Meter counter 1 unit
Ø600 Dual disc Non-metallic taping machine 1 unit
Ø630 Dual disc Metallic taping machine 1 unit
Ø 2500mm Powerful double wheel capstan (with pneumatic stop back) 1 unit
Ø 3150mm portal type take-up with traverse stand 1 unit
Electric control cabinet 1 unit
Safety protection fence and cover 1 unit


5. 6+12+18+24+30+36 bobbin stranding cage:

4.2.1 Adapt bobbin size: PND630

4.2.2. Max rotating speed of stranding cage:

4.2.3. Stranding cage motor power:

4.2.4. Pitch range: Stepless adjustable

4.2.5. Stranding cage drive form: direct-connected independent motor drive

4.2.6. Range of Stranding cage pitch: infinitely adjustable

4.2.7. Stranding cage structure: integrated

4.2.8. Tension form of pay-off in cage: mechanical tension

4.2.9. Hardness of wire reel tightening thimble: HRC60

4.2.10. Lubrication method of Stranding cage reducer: oil pump spray lubrication

4.2.11. Design principle: Each hinge body is driven and operated by its own separate motor. The motor and hinge cage reducer box are connected through a coupling to directly drive the hinge cage to operate, providing power for equipment operation and slow positioning. This drive system eliminates the transmission of power through toothed belts and reduces maintenance links. The forward rotation, reverse rotation, neutral gear, start, stop, emergency stop and other operation settings of the twisting cage are all controlled by the electrical system

4.2.12. Structural form: The hinge body is an integrated 4-part structure. The hinge cage is supported on the gearbox and front support by two sets of double row self-aligning roller bearings, ensuring the bearing capacity of the hinge cage's axial movement.

4.2.13. Wire breakage monitoring: The DXJ fully automatic wire breakage detection system is used, and the electrical switch output is precise and reliable. It can stop and brake in a timely manner when the wire is broken or used up, and can prompt on the human-machine operation interface.

4.2.14. After centralized hanging, pneumatic top pins are used for clamping. After the wire coil is tightened, a separate locking cylinder drives a mechanical stop device to lock the top pins. And the locking status is monitored by the electrical detection device, and the host cannot be started in an unlocked state.

4.2.15. Form of tension for wire laying in the cage: The wire laying in the cage adopts dual tension settings of pneumatic constant tension and mechanical friction tension. The working principle of pneumatic constant tension: From full disc to empty disc, the constant tension output is controlled by PLC, and the tension of the wire is uniform and stable. The tension can be adjusted through the human-machine interface. Equipped with clamp type mechanical tension, it can fine tune the tension of each disc and serve as a backup tension output reserve.

4.2.16. Braking form: The main winch cage brake adopts a butterfly shaped flat air brake to reduce the impact of emergency stop inertia on the transmission components. Working principle of overall braking: Coordinated by a programmable logic controller (PLC), the variable frequency motor controller, braking resistor, air pressure proportional valve, etc. jointly complete the slow stop, fast stop, emergency stop and other operations of the entire machine.

4.2.17. Each section of the twisted cage is equipped with an independent air storage tank to ensure gas supply.

4.2.18. The front operating position of each section of the twisted cage is equipped with control buttons such as emergency stop, jog, disconnection control selection, positioning, up and down panels, and 220V power sockets for easy operation.

4.2.19. The entire machine is operated by a color touch screen with a human-machine interface, and is coordinated and managed by a programmable controller PLC.

4.2.20. Protective cover: Adopting a double-sided wall type safety protective net, the protective net is welded with perforated plates and square pipes.


250r/Min Rigid Stranding Machine Step Less Adjust For Aluminum Conductor 0250r/Min Rigid Stranding Machine Step Less Adjust For Aluminum Conductor 1250r/Min Rigid Stranding Machine Step Less Adjust For Aluminum Conductor 2250r/Min Rigid Stranding Machine Step Less Adjust For Aluminum Conductor 3250r/Min Rigid Stranding Machine Step Less Adjust For Aluminum Conductor 4



Bearing brand (SKF.)
Low voltage appliance brand (Schnerder)
Brand of pneumatic component (AIRTAC)
Brand of main drive motor (Zhima Servo Intell)
Brand of take-up motor (Zhima Servo Intell)
Brand of inverter (Danfoss)
Touch screen (Siemens 12 inch)
PLC (Siemens S7-200 Smart)
Bolt grade 8.8 class


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