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CLY-630/8 Closer Machine With 100% Backtwist For Professional Steel Wire Rope

Basic Information
Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: Beyde
Model Number: 630/8
Minimum Order Quantity: 1 set
Packaging Details: container
Delivery Time: 90 days
Payment Terms: L/C, D/A, D/P, T/T
Supply Ability: 200 set/year
Model: JC-630/8 Product Name: Planetary Strander
Stranding Direction: Left Or Right Hand Wire Type: Steel Wire Rope
Capstan Diameter: 1000mm Capstan Speed: 400m/min
Drum Diameter: PND630 Stranding Pitch: Stepless-adjust
Stranding Speed: 120r/min Wire Diameter: 1 - 8.0mm
Max Stranding Dia,: 20mm Wire Tension: Mechanic Or Pneumatic
PLC: Siemens
High Light:

steel wire rope closer machine


100% Backtwist steel wire rope machine


100% Backtwist closer machine

Profenssional Steel Wire Rope CLY-630/8 Closer Machine With 100% Backtwist

This machine is mainly used for producing 4, 6, and 8 strand steel ropes for twisting. The appearance of the unit has been planned and designed by professional personnel, breaking through conventional production processes, with a grand appearance, smooth high-speed operation, and low noise.

Equipment characteristics

The machine is driven, operated, and synchronized through a mechanical ground shaft, and the twist distance is changed through a gearbox (lever shift switching). The twist distance is accurate, fast, and convenient.
The 760 8F basket machine adopts a double support structure with front and rear large bearings, without supporting wheels and maintenance free, making it more suitable for high-speed rotation, thereby improving production efficiency.
2. Main Parameter:

Max twist core rope diameterØ42mm
Single rope input rope diameterØ 4.0 - Ø 14mm
Center core rope diameterØ 7.0 - Ø 20mm
Single rope max pass hole diameter≥25mm (with alloy sleeve inserted at pass wire end)
Core rope max pass rope diameter≥35mm (with alloy sleeve inserted at pass wire end)
Max rotation speed of main cage36~85r/min
Speed change of main cage6 class
Stranding pitch39mm~707mm
Max line speed3.3~25m/min
Capstan wheel sizeØ1380mm x 2 (No.8, GCR15SIMN)
Capstan speed change36 class
Pay-off size in cageØ 780mm (according to buyer drawings)
Cage structure4+4
Center pay-off sizeBuyer self-provide
Take-up sizeØ 1300 x Ø 1700mm (according to buyer drawings)
Main driving motor power45kw (AC variable frequency motor)
Take-up motor power11kw (AC variable frequency motor)
Full line dimension33x4.5x3.0m

3. Main Components:

Center rotating Pay-off rack1 set
Ø780/8 bobbins stranding cage1 set(Pre twisted head user provides drawings, supplier reserves)
Pressing tile mold seat1 set(The mold size according to the buyer's standard)
Closing wire and pre-deformerUser prepared, user provided drawings, and supplier reserved space
Ø1380 x 2 Dual Drive Strong wheel capstan1 set
Ø1700 Top tip type take-up with traverse wire rack1 set
Electric control cabinet1 set
Safety protection fence and cover1 set
Anchor bolts


4. stranding cage:

4.2.1 Specification of pay-off reel inside the basket: Ø780mm (according to the purchaser’s drawings)

4.2.2 Rotation speed range of stranding cage: 36~85r/min

4.2.3 The number of transmission stages of the cage: 6 levels + forward and reverse

4.2.4 Twist pitch range: 39-707 mm (according to the buyer’s standard)

4.2.5 Main motor power: 45kw (AC variable frequency motor)

4.2.6 Cradle tension form: tension chain type, mechanical tension

4.2.7 Weight of strandingcage host: 34 tons (estimated)

4.2.8 Main stranding cage reduction box: It is a gear grinding box with hard tooth surface (the internal gear accuracy is level 6, the gear has been carburized and quenched, and then the tooth surface is ground by a gear grinding machine). The reducer adopts a separate The oil pump is forced to lubricate.

4.2.9 Each cage: connected to the main shaft through a flange lock sleeve, with good overall stiffness, high coaxiality of the winch, and stable operation of the winch cage; the front end of the winch cage is supported by a large bearing seat, and the rear end adopts double row self-aligning rollers The sub-bearing is supported on the box body and the front support to ensure the bearing capacity of the axial movement of the winch cage (without supporting wheel support).

4.2.10 Stranding cage cage: each made of hollow tube spindles of Ø560mm×65mm wall thickness. The pipes have no joints and no welding flanges, and are all fixed with flange lock sleeves; the winch is made of a whole plate with a thickness of 60mm made of Q235. The components are tailor-welded by CNC cutting components and processed by CNC boring after annealing. Each gear of the cradle frame is divided into 4 equal parts, and the winch cage adopts a 2-level arrangement (4+4) structure. The axis line of the wire reel frame and the center line of the main shaft are parallel to each other. A planetary gear untwisting mechanism is installed behind the winch. It is used to achieve 100% mechanical untwisting. The untwisting gears of the reel frame are connected through a spline structure, which is not easy to roll. The bridge gear installation adopts a tapered lock sleeve structure, which is safe, reliable and easy to maintain.

4.2.11 Basket rack: It adopts steel plate flat welding structure, thickened material, CNC cutting, and is processed by gantry CNC machining center after overall annealing. It has high precision, fatigue resistance, high mechanical strength, and durability without deformation.

4.2.12 Loading reel method: end-shaft structure, manual end-shaft clamping reel, mechanical locking, safe and stable, not easy to throw out, easy to load and unload the reel, the reel is loaded into the cradle with the help of the overhead crane in the workshop.

4.2.13 The tension in the cradle adopts "mechanical friction" tension control. The tension is 20-200kg. The tension of each plate is adjusted by stopping, so that the tension of the strand rope released from each cradle can be adjusted in time to maintain stability and balance.

4.2.14 Main engine front bearing seat: adopts large bearing support and labyrinth seal. The shell is made of lost foam cast steel, which has beautiful appearance and high mechanical strength. It is processed as a whole after high-temperature annealing without deformation, effectively improving stability.

4.2.15 The main cage brake adopts butterfly-shaped flat air pressure pneumatic brake, which is sensitive, safe, reliable and easy to maintain.
4.2.16 Wall safety fence.
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