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JLK-500/24+24 Copper Wire Screening Machine Rigid Frame Type PLC

Basic Information
Place of Origin: Hejian,China
Brand Name: Beyde
Model Number: 500/48
Minimum Order Quantity: 1 Set
Packaging Details: Container loading with safety packing
Delivery Time: 90 Days after receive deposit
Payment Terms: L/C, T/T, D/P
Supply Ability: 120 Set/Year
Warranty:: 12 Months PLC: Siemens
Usage: Armouring Or Screening Input Wire: 0.5-3.15mm
Max Stranding: Stepless-adjust Max Rotating: 120r/min
Wrapping Head: Option Motor: Siemens
Take-up: 2500mm Pay-off: 2500mm
Capstan: 2000mm Material: Steel Wire Or Copper Wire
Power Supply: AC380V/50Hz Max Core Dia: 80mm
Machine Center High: 1000m
High Light:

PLC Copper Wire Screening Machine


Rigid Frame Copper Wire Screening Machine


Rigid Copper Wire Mesh Screening Machine

Real Factory JLK-500/24+24Rigid Frame Type Copper Wire Screening Machine
JLK-500/24+24 Copper Wire Screening Machine Rigid Frame Type PLC 0 
1. Application:
This machine is mainly used for the production of low-carbon steel wire armor for large cross-section cables and non retreat twisting of aluminum alloy wires; It can also be used for non untwisted stranding of copper circular wire cores.

2.Overview of equipment composition:
The entire machine is driven by a separate motor, and the hinge and traction are driven by separate motors. The hinge is driven to rotate through a dedicated gearbox. The control of the entire machine adopts Siemens S7-200 series PLC to ensure synchronization accuracy. In actual production, the operator can set the process parameters such as the pitch of each section of the twisted wire and the speed of the production line on the touch screen according to the required cable specifications. When starting up, the PLC automatically calculates the speed of each transmission part, ensuring the synchronization of the entire machine and the accuracy of the twisted wire pitch, and achieving stepless speed regulation of the entire machine.
The tension of the wire reel of the twisted body is controlled and adjusted by mechanical friction to ensure the stability of the wire reel tension.
The operation of the entire machine adopts Siemens S7-200 series PLC and fieldbus for unified control, coordinating the working status, operation, and speed control of various electrical parts of the machine. The operation touch screen adopts Siemens color human-machine interface to control operation.


Automatic side bottom loading bobbin system

3. Main technical parameter:

Low carbon steel wire Φ1.0-Φ3.15mm
Max core dia. Before armouring ≤Φ80mm
Rotation speed 72.5r/min(working speed)
Armoring pitch Stepless adjust on PLC
Main stranding motor power 90kw (AC variable frequency motor)
Φ600x2 non-metallic taping machine speed 500r/min
Non-metallic taping machine pitch Stepless adjust
Non-metallic taping machine motor power 11kw (AC variable frequency motor)
Φ800x2 metallic taping machine speed 450r/min
Metallic taping machine pitch Stepless adjust
Metallic taping machine motor power 22kw (AC variable frequency motor)
Max traction force 5 T
Max traction line speed 30m/min
Pneumatic caterpillar motor power 37kw (AC variable frequency motor)
Pay-off bobbin size in cage PN500(customer bobbin drawing)
Center Pay-off bobbin size PN1600-PN3150
Take-up bobbin size PN1600-PN3150
Machine center high 1000mm

4. Main Component:

3150mm portal pay-off rack 1 set
# type through wire frame 1 set
48+48-500 main cage 1 set
Automatic side bottom loading bobbin system 2 set
Closing wire die holder 2 set
Φ600x2 non-metallic taping machine 1 set
Φ800x2 metallic taping machine 1 set
Mechanic and digital Meter counter 1 set
6000kg caterpillar machine 1 set
3150mm portal take-up and traverse line rack 1 set
Electrical control system 1 set
Safety fence 1 set

5. Electrical control system:

JLK-500/24+24 Copper Wire Screening Machine Rigid Frame Type PLC 1

JLK-500/24+24 Copper Wire Screening Machine Rigid Frame Type PLC 2

7. Main parts brand:

7.1 Bearing brand (Ha,Wa, Luo.)
7.2 Low voltage appliance brand (Chint)
7.3 Brand of main drive motor (Jianghuai )
7.4 Pneumatic components (AirTAC)
7.5 Frequency conversion controller (Inovance )
7.7 Touch screen (MCGS)

8. Document with machine

8.1 Use Manual 1 set
8.2 Foundation diagram 1 set
8.3 Overall diagram 1 set
8.4 Electrical drawing 1 set
8.5 Gas circuit layout 1 set


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