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Reliable 630/6+18+24 Rigid Frame Strander With Automatic Loader

Basic Information
Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: Beyde
Model Number: 630/6+18+24
Minimum Order Quantity: 1 set
Packaging Details: Container for sea freight
Delivery Time: 90 days
Payment Terms: L/C, D/A, D/P, T/T
Supply Ability: 200 set/year
Usage: Stranding,Twisting,Rigid Frame Cable Wire Stranding Machine Color: Customized
Name: Rigid Frame Wire Cable Stranding Machine Application: Copper Or Aluminum Conductors Stranding
Plc: SIEMENS Warranty: 12 Months
Cage Rotate Speed: 230r/min. Take-up Reel: PND1250-PND2500
Type: Side Bottom Autol Loading E-twist Pitch: Stepless Adjust
Touch Screen: Siemens Wire Material: Ci,Al,St
High Light:

Reliable rigid frame strander


automatic loader rigid frame strander


automatic loader rigid strander

Good Quality Manufacturer 630/6+18+24 Rigid Frame Strander With Automatic Loader



The machine is mainly used for stranding & compacting copper and aluminum sector conducting, stranding & drawing & compacting round conductor and pre-twisting&compacting for miliken conductor


2. Main technical data:
2.1 Diameter of single wire :Cu Φ1.8~Φ4.6mm, Al Φ2.0~Φ5.0mm
2.2 Cross section after stranded Φ45mm
2.3 Stranding pitch step-less adjustable
6B 46~603mm
18B 51~672mm
24B 60~799mm
2.4 Max. rev of cages:Al wire( 240kg) copper wire( 600kg)
6B 230r/min 190r/min
18B 190r/min 170r/min
24B 170r/min 150r/min
2.5 Pre-spiraling and compacting pitch 319~1804mm( step-less)
2.6 Max.rev of taping head 500r/min
2.7 Taping pitch step-less adjustable
2.8 Line speed of hauling-off max. 40m/min
2.9 Capstan wheel dia. Φ2000mm
2.10 Pay-off bobbin in the frame PND630
2.11 Central pay-off bobbin PN800~PN1600
2.12 Take-up bobbin PN1250~PN2500
2.13 12B cage motor 75KW(ACVF)
2.14 18B cage motor 75KW(ACVF)
2.15 24B cage motor 90KW(ACVF)
2.16 Pre-twisting and compacting motor 1.5KW(ACVF)
2.17 Taping motor 11kW(ACVF)
2.18 Capstan motor 110KW(ACVF)
2.19 Central height of machine 1000mm
3. Main parts of equipment:
3.1 Φ1600 shaft-less type pay off 1 set
3.2 Wire guiding stand 1 set
3.3 6B,18B, 24B cage 1 set each
3.4 Side bottom loading device 3 sets
3.5 Pre-twisting and compacting unit 3 sets
3.6 Horizontal Meter counter 1 set
3.7 Φ2000 Dual wheel capstan 1 set
3.8 Φ600 dual pad taping unit 1 sets
3.9 Φ2500 Portal type take-up 1 set
3.10 Electrical control system 1 set
3.11 Safety fence 3 sets
4.3.5 The frame structure is supported by bearings on both ends. Each cage is driven by a separate motor, which rotates the rotating body via a timing belt with a soundproof cotton cover, with low speed electrical jogging positioning for loading and unloading bobbins.
4.3.6 The bobbins are clamped pneumatically with mechanical lockup function.
4.3.7 Split pad device for each section of cage.
4.3.8 The single wire pay-off tension is controlled pneumatically through imported proportion valve, which makes tension stable from full to empty bobbin.
4.3.9 Each bobbin has the electronic wire break detecting unit. The HMI could show which cage has wire break fault for operator’ solving problems.
4.3.10 Pneumatic brake.
4.3.11 Each cage wire crossing die with tungsten steel die.
4.3.12 Each cage is equipped with a side bottom loading unit.
4.3.13 Each cage is equipped with a set of safety fence, Flip-flop construction, motorised opening and stop-open function.
Reliable 630/6+18+24 Rigid Frame Strander With Automatic Loader 0Reliable 630/6+18+24 Rigid Frame Strander With Automatic Loader 1
Reliable 630/6+18+24 Rigid Frame Strander With Automatic Loader 2
Reliable 630/6+18+24 Rigid Frame Strander With Automatic Loader 3
Bearing brand (Harbin, Luoyang, Wafangdian.)
Low voltage appliance brand (Schneider or China brand)
Brand of pneumatic component (AIRTAC)
Brand of main drive motor (SIEMENS)
Frequency conversion controller (INOVANCE)
Touch screen (SIEMENS)


Main features:

  • The whole machine is driven by motor, and each section of winch and traction are driven by a separate motor and driven by a special gear box
  • Compared with the traditional frame winch driven by the ground shaft, the structure of the winch is simplified and the maintenance of the equipment is more convenient.
  • Siemens S7-200 series PLC is used for the control of the whole machine. The production process parameters are set through the touch screen. Each section of the winch and traction are driven by an AC variable frequency motor. The motor driver is a frequency converter device. In order to ensure the transmission accuracy, the transmission motor adopts grating encoder feedback. The whole machine adopts bus communication to ensure the accuracy of signal transmission. During actual production, the user sets the process parameters such as the pitch of each section of the stranding body and the speed of the production line on the touch screen according to the required cable specifications, and determines the speed of each transmission part through PLC automatic calculation when starting up, so as to ensure the synchronization of the whole machine and the accuracy of the pitch of the stranding wire, and realize the stepless speed regulation of the whole machine. The electric control system has advanced technology, convenient operation and reliable operation.
  • The digital quantity is used to detect the broken wire, which can accurately judge the broken wire signal of any disc in each section of the twisted body, and display which section and which disc is broken in the touch screen of the main console, which significantly improves the accuracy and accuracy of the broken wire detection and ensures the detection accuracy. Through the display in the touch screen, the operator can quickly solve the problem and start the next time.
  • The reel tension of each section of the winch adopts a pneumatic proportional valve controller, which automatically calculates and tracks the reel diameter to adjust the reel tension, so as to ensure the stability of the reel tension. The tension proportional coefficient can also be manually adjusted in the touch screen during startup.
  • For the hanging operation of each section of the winch, an AC motor is used to drive the winch to rotate through a high speed ratio reducer for slow positioning. The AC motor is driven by Danvers frequency converter, which is controlled by bus.
  • The control power supply of the machine adopts UPS uninterruptible power supply to ensure that it will not lose control in case of power failure. All frequency converters are connected by common DC bus to realize load sharing. At the same time, traction flywheel is equipped to ensure that the cable will not be over twisted in case of power failure.
  • The machine adopts imported Siemens S7-200 programmable controller and PROFINET field bus to command and coordinate the electrical working state of all parts of the machine, and uses frequency converter to control the starting and operation of AC motor. Siemens color touch screen is used to set and display various process parameters. The electric control system has advanced technology, convenient operation and reliable operation

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