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Bow Type Cabling Machine / Skip Type Cabling Machine For Overhead Cable / Aerial Cable

Basic Information
Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: Beyde
Model Number: 630/1+6
Usage: Stranding Color: Customized
Plc: SIEMENS Warranty: 12 Months
Name: Stranding Machine,cable Machine - Skip Type Stranding Machine Wire Material: Steel,copper,aluminum
Function: Twist Wire Aluminum Wire: 1.6-4.0mm
Central Pay Off Drum Diameter: 630 Rotor Speed: 1000rpm
Motor Power: 55KW
High Light:

Skip Cabling Machine


Aerial Cabling Machine


Bow Cabling Machine

Bow Type Cabling Machine/Skip Type Cabling Machine For Overhead Cable/Aerial Cable




This machine is mainly used for stranding 7-core, aluminum stranded wire, and copper stranded wire. The appearance of the unit has been planned and designed by professional personnel, breaking through conventional production processes, with a grand appearance, smooth high-speed operation, and low noise.
The programmable controller and touch screen of this machine control the start, operation, and synchronous rotation of the motors of various components of the entire machine. The pitch is set on the human-machine interface, which is accurate, fast, and convenient.
Each section of the twisted body has a dual support structure, and each section of the twisted body is powered by a toothed belt, which can be instantly started, stopped, and braked, suitable for high-speed rotation.


Input Single wire diameter

Ø 1.5- Ø 4.0mm Cu

Ø 1.8- Ø 5.0mm Al

Max twist OD Ø15mm
Stranding pitch 40-300mm (Stepless adjustable)
Stranding bow Max rotation speed 705r/min
Max Linear speed 120m/min
Capstan wheel diameter Ø1200mm
Pay-off bobbin size in cage PND630
Take-up bobbin size PN800-PN1600
Central pay-off bobbin size PND630
Main motor power 45KW (AC)
Capstan motor power 22KW (AC)
Take-up motor power 4.0KW (AC)



Ø 630/6 bobbin stranding cage

4.2.1 Specification of reel inside the cage: PND630

4.2.2 Maximum speed of the twisting cage: 705r/min

4.2.3 Loading reel method (patented product): pneumatic release, air cut-off clamping, pneumatic interlocking stop and retreat

4.2.4 Safety cover form (patented product): fully enclosed, axial sliding door

4.2.5 Automatic disconnection parking: contact ring type

4.2.6 The cradle adopts a pneumatic pintle to tighten the wire reel, a pneumatic stop device, and a wire reel bracket at the bottom of the cradle. The loading and unloading of the wire reel is safe and convenient. The steel cradle frame is welded and tempered to eliminate stress, enhance mechanical performance, and do not deform; After overall boring processing, effectively ensuring accuracy.

4.2.7 The pay-off adopts mechanical friction tension, which has a long service life, is not prone to faults, and is easy to adjust.

4.2.8 Each section of the twisted cage is equipped with multiple sets of wire breaking and stopping devices below the measurement, which is convenient for automatic stopping after wire breaking and completion.

4.2.9 Both ends of the 6-section cage are supported by famous brand bearings, suitable for high-speed operation. The bearing seat adopts oil pump forced lubrication bearings, and there is a lubricating oil tank outside.

4.2.10 The bow is made of "special metal" material, with high flexibility and strong bearing capacity. It is installed on the diamond bow support and undergoes dynamic balance correction after assembly. Each section of the crossbow is equipped with a butterfly pneumatic brake device.

4.2.11 The stranding cage adopts an external pass wire method, with oversized wire holes and multiple well type guide rollers to ensure smoother wiring, without bending, scratching, or jumping.

4.2.12 The support seats at both ends of each section of the cage are made of gray iron castings using the lost foam process, which fully absorb vibration, reduce noise, and have a beautiful appearance.

4.2.13 The power of the main engine is driven by a through shaft through a gear belt to drive each section of the cage, with uniform torque. The hinge does not bear torque, fully avoiding the phenomenon of twisting cracking. Gear belt transmission effectively prevents rotation loss.

4.2.14 Add a single wire pre twisting device at the front end of the twisting cage.

4.2.15 The cage is installed on an integral welded base, which is made with the help of a dedicated platform and then processed by a large gantry milling machine for easy installation and high concentricity.

4.2.16 The protective cover adopts a push-pull structure, with functions of opening the door for parking and infrared close parking, improving the protection level.


Bow Type Cabling Machine / Skip Type Cabling Machine For Overhead Cable / Aerial Cable 0

Bow Type Cabling Machine / Skip Type Cabling Machine For Overhead Cable / Aerial Cable 1

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