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JLK630/6+12+18+24 Rigid Frame Strander For The Stranding Of Aluminum Wire Or Copper

Basic Information
Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: Beyde
Model Number: 500/54
Minimum Order Quantity: 1 set
Packaging Details: Safety packing for sea freight
Delivery Time: 90 days
Payment Terms: L/C, D/A, D/P, T/T
Supply Ability: 200 set/year
Usage: Stranding,Twisting Color: Customized
Name: Rigid Frame Wire Cable Stranding Machine Application: Copper Or Aluminum Conductors Stranding
PlC: SIEMENS Warranty: 24 Months
Cage Rotate Speed: 250r/min. Take-up Reel: PND1000-PND2000
Type: Manual Or Automatic Twist Pitch: Step-less Adjustable
Max. Stranded: 50mm
High Light:

JLK630 Rigid Frame Strander


Copper Rigid Frame Strander


Aluminum Wire Rigid Frame Strander

JLK630/6+12+18+24 Rigid Frame Strander For The Stranding Of Aluminum Wire Or Copper​


The rigid type stranding machine is non back twist stranding. It is suitable for armoring of copper, round aluminum wire, pre-twist sector conductor and steel wires armoring cables.
Provide side lower and front automatic loading mechanism according to the customer's site and requirements.
Provide aerodynamic resistance and electromagnetic brake to control tension, keep the tension constant according to the requirements.
The cage adopts the ground shaft transmission structure, each cage is driven by an independent motor with the electricalcontrol synchronization.
The machine is provided with MMI+PLC control system for pre-setting stranding pitch, stranding direction, automatic
tension compensation control and for speed synchronization with the pulling capstan and the take up unit.
560 630
6B 12B 18B 24B 30B 6B 12B 18B 24B 30B
560 560 560 560 560 630 630 630 630 630
1.5-3.6 1.5-3.6 1.5-3.6 1.5-3.6 1.5-3.6 1.5-3.6 1.5-3.6 1.5>3.6 1.5-3.6 1.5-3.6
175-5.0 1.75-5.0 175-5.0 1.75-5.0 175-5.0 1.75-5.0 1 75-50 1 75-50 1.75-50 1.75-5.0
80 80 80 80 80 80 80 80 80 80
45 45 45 45 45 45 45 45 45 45
220-320 190-280 150-215 115-160 90-120 210-300 180-260 140-200 105-150 80-110
280-320 235-280 290-215 140-160 96-115 260-300 220-260 170-200 130-150 90-105
  Depends on cages configuration     Depends on cages configuration  
45 AC 55 AC 63 AC 75 AC 75 AC 55 AC 63 AC 75 AC 75 AC 75 AC
1. Application
It is mainly used for stranding and pressing of sector conductors, stranding, drawing and pressing of round conductors, and stranding and manufacturing of large square steel cored aluminum strand.
2. Main components
Ø630 Stationary type Pay-off stand 1 unit
# guide wire strand 1 unit
12. 18. 24 Bobbins stranding cage Each 1 unit
Side bottom automatic loading bobbins system Each 1 unit
Close wire Compacted head2  unit
Close wire die holder 1 unit
Mechanic digital Meter counter 1 unit
Ø 2000 Powerful double wheel capstan 1 unit
Ø 2500 Portal type take-up with traverse stand 1 unit
Electric control cabinet 1 unit
Safety protection fence and cover 1 unit


3. 6+12+18+24 bobbin stranding cage:

Specification of pay-off bobbin in cage: PND630

Applicable bobbin diameter: Ø630mm

Applicable bobbin width:475mm

Broken wire stop machine system: full-automatic vector pulse type

Strand pitch:

  • 6 bobbin: 37-666mm
  • 12 bobbin: 41-738mm
  • 18 bobbin: 48-860mm

Maximum rotation speed of stranding cage:

  • 6 bobbin: 234r/min
  • 12 bobbin: 212r/min
  • 18 bobbin: 182r/min

 Twist motor power

  • 6 bobbin: 55kw (AC)
  • 12 bobbin: 55kw (AC)
  • 18bobbin: 55kw (AC)

Structural form: the main machine adopts the overall layout of 6+12+18+24 four-section stranding cage. Each section of stranding cage is a four-section structure. The cage is carried by two large double-row roller bearings at the front and rear, and is supported and operated by the gearbox and front support. The stranding cage body is composed of stranding cage, gearbox, front support, brake system, base, drive motor, etc.

Drive mode: each section of the cage is equipped with individual drive motor to drive the stranding cage to run. The drive motor drives the gearbox to drive the cage to run through direct connection (patent). This drive system has few maintenance links, and the drive mode is direct, which can

Structural characteristics of stranding body: the frame adopts CNC laser cutting and blanking of plates, and is bent by large bending machine. This process minimizes the weld seam and improves the overall structural strength. After the overall assembly and welding, high temperature annealing treatment is used to eliminate internal stress, and then it is processed by large machine tool, to ensure concentricity, smooth operation, and high mechanical strength without deformation for a long time.

Bottom structure: the base is made of high-quality plates and rectangular square tubes, with beautiful appearance and high structural strength.

Braking system: the starting, stopping, inching and other actions of the main machine are controlled by the PLC through the air brake, frequency converter, braking resistor, etc. to ensure the synchronization of the whole machine operation

Broken wire stop machine system: equipped with advanced automatic vector pulse broken wire stop protection system, the system can stop and brake in time when the wire in the bobbin is used up or broken.

The tension of the single wire pay-off is electronically detected and controlled by electricity, and adjusted by the imported pneumatic control proportional valve, which can realize the constant tension of the single wire pay-off from the full reel to the empty reel..

The front end of each section of main cage is equipped with a single-wire e preformer device. Prefabricate stranded pitch to improve the quality of finished wire.

All wire holes and easily scratched wire positions are equipped with wear-resistant alloy wire nozzles or wire rollers.

Safety protective cover: double-side wall safety protective net made of perforated plate.


4. Electric control system:

 The power supply: three-phase, five wire system: 380V (± 10%) 50Hz, total 410kw

The machine adopts separate motor drive (the motor adopts variable-frequency motor), each AC variable-frequency motor adopts frequency converter to control speed regulation, the whole machine control is managed by Siemens programmable controller, the Siemens touch screen controls operation, and the host is started after the alarm bell rings.

Frequency converter fault alarm.

Overload protection and power supply protection of winding and arranging lines.

Air press lack protection.

Break wire protection.

JLK630/6+12+18+24 Rigid Frame Strander For The Stranding Of Aluminum Wire Or Copper 0



JLK630/6+12+18+24 Rigid Frame Strander For The Stranding Of Aluminum Wire Or Copper 1


JLK630/6+12+18+24 Rigid Frame Strander For The Stranding Of Aluminum Wire Or Copper 2JLK630/6+12+18+24 Rigid Frame Strander For The Stranding Of Aluminum Wire Or Copper 3


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