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Automatic Full Line Cat5/6 Cable Making Machines Network And Lan

Basic Information
Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: Beyde
Model Number: CAT Series
Minimum Order Quantity: 1 set
Packaging Details: container
Delivery Time: 50 days
Payment Terms: L/C, T/T
Supply Ability: 200 set/year
Usage: Extruding,Twisting Voltage: 380V 50
Application: Network Cable Color: According To Customer Requirement
Name: Cable Making Equipment Product Name: Cable Extrusion Machine
Warranty: 12 Month Production Time: 50 Days
High Light:

cat5 cable making machines


automatic full line cable making machines


cat6 cable manufacturing machine

Automatic Full Line CAT5/6 Network And Lan Cable Making Machines.
Automatic Full Line Cat5/6 Cable Making Machines Network And Lan 0
Machine list for CAT5,6,5up,6up etc.
(1).50+35 cable extrusion line:
Application:The unit is suitable for covering the sheath insulation layer of wire, cable, network wire and other products with thermoplastic cable materials such as polyvinyl chloride, polyethylene, PE, XLPE and LSZH by hot extrusion. Like BV,BVV,BVR,RV,BVN
2. Main parameters:

2.1 Finished diameter Φ0.3-φ2.0mm
2.2 Screw rod diameter Φ50mm
2.3 Length to diameter ratio 25:1
2.4 Screw rod rotation speed 100r/min
2.5 Max extrusion capacity 120kg/h(PVC),
2.6 Capstan wheel diameter Φ500mm
2.7 Main machine power ≤32KW
2.8 Production line speed 300M/min Max
2.9 Extrusion thickness tolerance +/-0.025mm
2.10 Power consumption Electricity 380V + 10% 50HZ three-phase five-wire
Air Pressure 0.1-1.0Mpa. Consumption 3.0 m³/h
Water Pressure 0.2-1.6Mpa. Consumption 4.0 m³/h

Automatic Full Line Cat5/6 Cable Making Machines Network And Lan 1
(2) SJ70 cable extrusion line:
UseThis unit is suitable for wrapping PVC, PE, XLPE, low smoke and halogen-free thermoplastic cable materials by hot extrusion. It use double pay-off and double take-up structure.
2.The main technical parameters

2.1 Wire core dia. φ0.5-φ10mm
2.2 Sheath out dia. φ1.0-φ12mm
2.3 Host machine screw rod diameter φ70mm
2.4 Screw rod L/D 25:1
2.7 Main machine screw rod speed 90r/min
2.8 Main machine max extrusion capacity 180kg/h(PVC)
2.10 Traction device line speed 300m/min
2.11 Capstan froce 300kg
2.12 Pay-off bobbin size PN630-PN800
2.13 Take-up bobbin size PN630-PN800
2.14 Full machine total power 70KW
Electrical control characteristics

----The control system is based on PLC, and PLC sends out control instructions. PLC completes the single action or linkage control requirements of the production line, and realizes the monitoring of the operation status and operation parameters of the production line
----The software package of control system has the function of uploading and downloading all kinds of cable production process formula, and can download the corresponding control formula parameters according to the cable parameters to be processed
----The control system has the function of recording and printing the operation status and alarm status of production line equipment

.Automatic Full Line Cat5/6 Cable Making Machines Network And Lan 2
(3). 800 cantilever single twist machine:
application:use for various power wire, CAT5,ultra CAT5 and CAT6 data cable,commumication cable and other twist.

Equipment characteristics:

The machine is designed and manufactured with improved technology in Taiwan. It has the characteristics of low noise and low loss. It has stable performance and simple operation. It can set the twist distance steplessly through PLC.

The whole machine adopts cantilever structure, pneumatic and hydraulic brake, magnetic powder tension take-up, electrical and bearings are imported from Taiwan and Japan, the frame is assembled and welded by steel plate, bore milling, high concentric precision, processing accessories, quenching and tempering, and fine grinding

Main Component:

2.1 Φ500mm double bobbin power active paying off frame 2 Set +1 Set single head
2.2 Concentric wrapping machine 1 Set
2.3 Assembling wire rack 1 Set
2.4 Touch screen + PLC electric cabinet 1 Set
2.5 Φ800 full automatic setting cantilever single twist machine 1 Set

Automatic Full Line Cat5/6 Cable Making Machines Network And Lan 3
(4.) 500 pair twisting machine+ 500 back twisting machine:
Application:It is mainly used for untwisting class 5 and class 6 high-frequency data cables after pairing, so that the position of insulated core wire is staggered and balanced during pairing, so as to overcome the uneven torsional force during pairing, so as to make high-speed pairing with uniform quality, uniform pitch and accurate pitch, which is suitable for synchronous untwisting of high-frequency cable pairingOverall characteristics:The whole machine is welded with special steel and subject to stress relief annealing treatment, which avoids the advantages of manual elimination of frame deformation and spindle concentricity error caused by insufficient internal force, so as to protect the spindle and main bearing. After excellent dynamic balance detection, the unit makes the equipment run smoothly, with low noise and high efficiency. It adopts a new gram sodium meter molybdenum disulfide grease, It ensures that the equipment runs at high speed for a long time without damaging the main bearing, greatly improves the working efficiency and service life of the equipment, and the operation is simpler and safer
Main Component:

2.1 Φ500mm pair twist machine 1 Set
2.2 Guide line rack 1 Set
2.5 Φ500mm back-twist machine 1 Set

Automatic Full Line Cat5/6 Cable Making Machines Network And Lan 4
Automatic Full Line Cat5/6 Cable Making Machines Network And Lan 5

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